Saturday, April 18, 2009

Find the time...

April 18th here....


I recently discovered that my biggest issue with upkeep was finding the time.

My resolve...
  1. set a hair schedule
  2. bought a planner
  3. bought post it's, and...
  4. incorporated my hair schedule into my work schedule :-)
Nothing to complicated, just decent time management skills... beat that!

I created a hair schedule that I could stick to
Wrote it in the planner
Put the days and actions on post it's
Then, posted them on my bathroom mirror (just in case).
for example:
Monday is: Co-wash
Wednesday is : Co-wash
and so on....

Once I organized a schedule I was surprised with how much more free time I had! :-)

If you are a curly with the same problem I suggest you try it...
you can thank me later! :-)