Monday, April 20, 2009

Process of elimination...


What products will work best for me?


I ask because being that I am African American, typically my hair is characterized as delicate, and in my experience, instructions always accompany delicates. But, in this case those instructions vary so much that it's hard to know what, and who to trust.... and I don't play when it comes to my hair! LOL

My 2 cents:

Just like silk, or satin there are special ways to care for your hair. For instance... I wouldn't use my Tide detergent, or my Clorox bleach on a silk shirt, or even throw it in the washing machine for that matter. Would you?

Well, I approach my hair in the same way... it is easier for me to decide what goes into my hair based on what doesn't work for it rather than what does.... Now, that may seem a@@ backwards to some, but in my mind I've set a standard.

For example: If my perfect man has no children, has never been married, and has never been in trouble with the law... then that is my standard. I may not be sure of exactly what I want, but I do know what I don't! I may sound really crazy right now, but I see my hair and it's products as relationships. LOL! Being so close with my hair I understand what it needs, what it wants, and most importantly what it doesn't!

The reason this is a good starting point for me is because I continue to determine what I don't want until I realize what I do! If that makes any since.... LOL... or better yet... Process of elimination!

Example: I know that my hair has a rocky relationship with gels... some are nice to it, other's aren't! When I would use certain gels my hair would look great when I left the house, but over time it became crunchy, flat, and dry. I tried to control this by reducing the amount I used, but this never helped.

One day I decided to examine and compare the makeup of these gel products in order to spot the culprit(s).I found that they all contained some sort of hydrolyzed protein (wheat or plain hydrolyzed). This was funny because I am a Curlynikki reader, and if you have ever read through her site you'd know that she tends to avoid proteins if she can.... I now see what she meant. LOL!

So, now that I know my hair hates this ingredient... out it goes! No ifs, ands, or buts! (I'm strict that way...LOL)

Me personally...I still don't use gels, but if you find that you are having this same problem, and you would like to continue using gels; fortunately there are a few products out there which do not contain this ingredient (AO B5 Design Gel is one).


This post is not just about my gels (that's just an example). I apply this method to anything I use... If I get less than stellar results I tend to compare it to something that has worked well for me in the past. I spot possible culprits, research, and eliminate based on information. I actually do the same with products that perform well. Except in this case I spot, research, and incorporate. LOL!

Again... knowing what I don't want helps me to find what I DO!

Hope this helps someone!