Thursday, April 16, 2009

What about me?

This is the story... I've been natural for about 3 years now. My journey to natural was quite a bit different from most. My big chop was needed and recommended, but quite unintentional....:-/

Relaxers made it all bad for my sexy.... this is the part of the story I'm sure you know. The top middle of my head was badly broken off, my edges were dreadfully thin, and my ends were always terribly split, which never allowed my poor hair to grow to its potential :-(. Due to impossible time constraints I was forced to let my perm grow out for about 6 or 7 months (wigs were the thing of that time I guess LOL) then took it to my aunt (my lifetime beautician :-) ) who proceeded to chop it all off.

Reason: She refused to try to manage an unhealthy head hair.... :-/

She told me that in order to get my sexy back (I added that LOL) I'd have to sacrifice those raggedy strings on my head.
In no way do I ever regret the decision to cut it.
I felt amazing. The problem was that I knew I never wanted to perm again, but I'm always on the road for work. At this point I still wasn't considering myself natural... just "nursing my hair back to health".
Then, one day...... 2 years later that is.... (LOL) during a wash I realized that the two may just be synonymous....
Why hadn't I figured this out before now? Well....I usually kept it twisted under lace wigs (wonderful protective style, if professionally applied) only taking the wigs off once a week to wash. Well.... one week I was routinely washing my hair, and noticed these curls fall onto my shoulder. That tripped me out, and excited me to be quite honest.... I think it took maybe 5 or 6 months for me to realize that I couldn't do this on my own, so I googled natural hair care, and came across a few great sites and....

here I am today! Au Naturale
(I'm about to DT in this pic... using DevaCare Heaven In Hair... which was not that great for me btw LOL... I was experimenting with a new DC ... maybe I'll have to try it again) :-)

That's really enough about me for today, so I'll come back later with my co-wash and DT routine since today is that day! :-)



Lrigyttiw said...

Yes... this is my route!!! I love my curly hair, and I've attempted it a couple of times, but that was before I discovered lace wigs. You've got to help me to get to where you are!

Curlstar said...

I'd be more than happy to! :-) I promise to tell you everything I know! :-)
I would also suggest (if you haven't already) visiting ... I've learned a lot from her site as well.