Monday, April 27, 2009

I want a Pony!...


So, a few months back I had more than enough hair to throw into a thick cute bun, but in my case it was "hair today... gone tomorrow". Let me remind you that before a few months back I wouldn't let anyone put any kind of scissors anywhere NEAR my head, so my hair actually paid the price in the end. It grew out uneven, broken, surprisingly not too many splits, but nonetheless a good amount of the ends had to go. I can't say that I regret it because now I don't have an issue with keeping my ends hydrated. Nor do I have an issue with piles of frizz where there should be definition. I'm loving the state that my hair is in, but I'm praying for my pony! LOL! It's somewhat back in effect. After the trim I actually couldn't get it into the scunci at all. Now I'm halfway there. Go head! Go head! I'm not exactly sure what is promoting all of this growth (meaning I'm not sure if it's exercise alone), but I like it, so I'm not gonna stop! :-) I want my pony back pony back pony back pony
back! LOL

See pics below.



Loo said...

I'm lovin' the hair shots. Your pony's coming back in full force.

Curlstar said...

YAAAY! I know right! :-) I'm LOVING IT!