Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Eats...

Sup Star,

So.... I'm one of those people who are big on healthy eating, but usually fall off of the wagon after about a month.... beeeeeggging for excess dairy and sweets!
With this said... all the talk about a healthy diet and hair growth got me to wondering, so I tried conducting my own research. tehehehe.
I was always sure that this theory had validity, but I was more sure that it was valid in conjunction with decent hair care as well. I believed it had more to do with the actual hair care.

Soooo... I tried it....
I started working out on March 24, 2009 with my trainer. He keeps me on a STRICT diet with a daily intake of 1500 calories that consists of all the necessary food groups. I continue to take a mutivitamin, but, in order to see how effective this would be I stopped taking Biotin and MSM.

Down to the skinny...
I think this theory may have truth to it! I work 1 hour sessions 4-5 times a week. I watch what I eat... the most dairy I have eaten is cottage cheese lately (which I have come to enjoy...along with pineapples LOL). I have not taken MSM or biotin, but I have kept up with my mutivitamins.
I feel bad because I didn't take the best beginning photo's, but that's because I'm my own photographer in most cases
("The boy" isn't always around. LOL).
I'm posting both before, and after. I would say I've gotten about 2-2 1/2 inches of growth in one month... well, actually one month is tomorrow. :-)
So, this theory is...

  • I wet my hair for the before pic because I figured that the water would stretch it for me.
  • I "renched" around and stretched it a little for the after shot LOL.... again, I'm my own photographer in some cases so bear with me. :-)
*if you have never heard "rench around" then you or your immediate family are probably not from the south. LOL

A little past... maybe sitting right on my shoulders.

Well past my shoulders... about an inch or 2 away from APL. Great! :-)

I went to put on a white tee so you guys could see better....

I guess now that I see the correlation, I'm motivated to stay on the wagon this time! :-)

My 2 cents...
I think that decent hair care is still sufficient for healthy hair growth, but there is no denying that working up a good sweat can increase your progress. :-) Me... I'm a bit of an instant gratification kind of chick, so this works for me! :-)