Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keep it trim...


Up until a year ago my principal objective was to achieve length, so trimming anything on my head was completely out of the question!!!

I once read that the idea of trimming was only a myth... that the hair on your head is actually dead, and it grows from the scalp. It said that since hair really grows from the scalp the fact that the ends may be split, broken, or uneven wouldn't inhibit growth.... :-/ ....
To some degree the above (bad advice) is true, but if your goal is to achieve long, luscious, thick, healthy hair..... it would be wise to take the "loss" before you impede your progress....*note: It's funny how much easier it is to believe something that you want to hear over something you need to hear.

My Two Cents:
Typically a trim involves 1/8 of an inch to 1 inch of hair being cut. Trimming also known as dusting (depending on the amount of hair cut) is the most effective way to remove and prevent splits, diminish breakage, and in some cases enhance appearance. If your hair is damaged trimming is necessary to achieve healthy hair!

If you do not trim you will most likely experience thin ends, dryness, frizzy ends, tangles and more!

  • If there is damage at the ends of your hair, and you refuse to remove it... it will eventually break and remove itself (you do not want this to happen).
  • Tangling happens when you have thin ends intermixing with thicker ends... and if you have natural African American hair you may form knots that only add to this problem... that is if you don't keep the ends clean (trimmed).
  • Splitting can and most likely will lead to more splitting!
  • When the ends are badly damaged dryness will transpire since the ends are no longer able to retain moisture.... think about it have you ever noticed that no matter how much moisture you add .... your ends still appear to be dry? Well, it may be time for a trim!


Candidly speaking, trimming has nothing to do with hair growth! Nevertheless, trimming has everything to do with retaining length! If you have bad ends and you never trim them; you will soon become frustrated because it will seem as though your hair just won't grow. Well....I hate to be the one to break it, but you hair is growing, only it's breaking at the ends. Find a great stylist whom you trust (meaning he/she isn't scissor happy). If that hair is bad it's gotta go.... if you keep it healthy there is no need!




KurlyQue said...

ITA I've stressed the need for trimming to my best friend and she just won't listen. She probably hasn't clipped her ends in like years. Her hair would be gorgeous if she clipped her ends every couple of months.

Curlstar said...

I think that I used to be your friend. LOL I swear NO ONE could tell me about clipping anything on my head. My goal at that time was only length, and I felt like all the great stuff would come with that.... *EPIC FAIL! LOL
It took me getting tired of seeing my raggedy ends to go ahead and trim.,,, and that was a year later. LOL