Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make it last forever...


So today I realized that I woke up with the same pony/bun I've been rocking since Sunday! You have to know why this is exciting!
See.....I can NEVER rock a pony/bun for more than a day. I sleep entirely too hard, and I literally change clothes 2-3 times a day LOL (don't ask... just a girly thing). My buns have never survived the battlefield that I call my day. I wrap it at night, and the scarf slips off. I end up bare on the satin pillow, and that honestly doesn't help keep it in place either. LOL!

Anyway, to the point.... I'm on day three, and this thing still looks good. I wake up, add a little shea butter to my life, put the wrap back on until I'm ready to walk out and voila!

The only difference that I have made is that I add a little butter and water right before I go to sleep. I do a slight run with a boar brush, and then wrap. I sleep wild, and after seeing how well how this has worked I guess I have concluded that....when my hair is completely dry my scarf will never stay in place. So.... from now on moisturize before you lay it down.

I took these first thing this morning! :-)