Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stylin' and Profilin'...

Well... when it comes to styling, I admit, I'm a little lazy. I don't twist like most before bed, and sometimes don't even bother throwing it up. I have busy days, and even busier nights, not to mention I've never been nice with a comb and brush! LOL! I envy the girls who have no
problem in this arena, but I'm another case.... "See Imma let it do what it do babay!"

So, all jokes aside... I made an attempt to twist in order
to style this morning, and the results were self astonishing. I actually can't believe that I did it... I'm feeling really unbrella ella ella ay right now! Chhhheeeea! LOL!

I sectioned my hair into 4.
Added an itty tiny bit of DevaCare One Conditioner to a section
Then twisted
Once I finished twisting the section
I rolled and tucked
finished the other 3
....and that's about it...LOL, and the best part is that it only took about 5-8 minutes. LOL

I unrolled and untwisted each section
I fluffed it (not so much to avoid excess frizzies)
and added 3 clips to the side
played with the look
... and again... that's about it! LOL Took 10 minutes top!

Results below:
Pic 1: taking the twist out
Pic 2: light fluffing
Pic 3: end result
Pic 4: side clips
Pic 5: front action
Pic 6: side action



Kit said...

Your hair is too cute. LOL@ "nice with a comb".

Curlstar said...

LOL! Thanks girly! :-)